About Us



A lot is being said and quite a bit is being done to change the way furniture is conceived, manufactured and marketed.

This discussion is not complete without reference to the likes of Ikea and their success in designing sensibly and selling smartly.

However the imminent (and maybe even exaggerated) extinction of big box retail itself, poses a challenge to such players and an opportunity for newer, more creative entrants.

Over the last few years we have seen attempts to evolve this industry. Some represent clever product design and others; sheer marketing spin.

The furniture industry presents itself as a series of puzzles. In terms of the resources involved; selling of furniture is inefficient and manufacture is wasteful. In addition to these factors, rapidly changing trends shorten the useful life, thereby putting further stress on resources.

It may however be possible to solve these as a single large puzzle.

So we set out to challenge ourselves with the difficult task of designing simple and elegant products. Today, after a year of intensive creative collaboration and prototyping we are excited to launch Legswerk. A furniture start-up with fresh ideas!
We create furniture using latest techniques in computer aided design, digital manufacturing and incorporate elements of artisanal skills. Utilizing inherent physical properties of steel, wood and leather, our pieces carry an honesty of material that is ageless.

Collection 18 is inspired by automotive racing, it also reflects our favorite architectural style; brutalism. All items are precision engineered, made to last, practical and thoroughly comfortable.

We sell directly and ship globally. Packing is flat-pack where possible, allows final assembly by the consumer.